For Sale

The idea of this page is give everyone an opportunity to list items or services for sale (or for free) that may be of interest to other Emerald Gardens Homeowners.  This page is not designed to reach anyone other than the residents of Emerald Gardens.

Please take a moment to read the RULES and then scroll down and START SHOPPING!


  • Each homeowner may list up to 3 items or services at a time.
  • Items will be listed for a minimum of 3 months. If the item sells before the 3 months is up, please contact the webmaster via the Contact Us page so that the listing can be removed.
  • You may submit 1 digital photo per item. Email pictures to the webmaster.
  • You may submit as much information about each item as you wish.
  • You MUST submit the following information when listing an item: an email address or phone number so prospective buyers can contact you directly, description of item, asking price of item, and your first name.
  • Please keep in mind that items are listed manually by the webmaster and this is not an instant list service. It may take a day or two for your item to show up.
  • By listing an item on this web site you agree that The Emerald Gardens Homeowners Association, Board of Directors, Management Company Representative and webmaster reserve the right to refuse a listing for any reason and will not be responsible or held liable for anything resulting from your participation in this free online listing service.